Our Universal Language in Tune

A story from rideshare driving about people coming together

I was driving in Los Angeles last December feeling full of holiday spirit thanks to the decorations my daughter had hung in the car earlier that day. I put on some of my favorite yuletide music. Shortly thereafter, I was swept up and out of the driver’s seat and thrust into the middle of the London Philharmonic Symphony’s string section somewhere between the violins and cellos. Cruising through the nearly empty downtown caverns of Los Angeles on a mundane Monday night with Handel’s “Messiah” on full blast, I received a request for a pool ride (a ride open to additional passengers throughout the duration of the trip and therefore offering the possibility of an impromptu holiday party).

Photo by D. Thayer Russell

Educator and eternal student. Prefer paper pages and overt spines over webpages and covert designs. Avid reader and writer of creative and original content.

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