Rideshare drivers going on strike July 21st

Amid the recent reports of driver shortages and significantly increased fares for passengers, Uber and Lyft drivers are going on strike July 21st to bring attention to their poor working conditions and need for more consistent pay and compensation. Drivers are striking in support of the Pro Act, a piece…

My love of baseball and my fear the game is vanishing

San Francisco, Any Summer of Recent Past

I was driving rideshare around The City picking up passengers and spinning the radio dial in search of something different to listen to. Driving in San Francisco is always a nostalgic experience due to the tremendous history of its many storied neighborhoods. The…

A personal strike against unjust wages and unethical business

It worked. Two hundred million dollars bought a law. The rideshare corporations successfully sold a lie to California voters as part of an effort to escape pending litigation over their unethical business practices and their exploitation of workers.

In their campaign…

D. Thayer Russell

Educator and eternal student. Prefer paper pages and overt spines over webpages and covert designs. Avid reader and writer of creative and original content.

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