Rideshare drivers going on strike July 21st

Rideshare drivers are striking July 21st to call out Uber and Lyft for being rats and treating drivers poorly. Photo by the author.

Another life lesson learned in the world of rideshare

Uber revelations on the interconnectedness of us all

The sunset outside as I worked on this piece. Photo by the author.

The six degrees

My love of baseball and my fear the game is vanishing

This is a story about history, San Francisco, and baseball. Photo by the author.

Coming across a large tree while on the road driving rideshare. Photo by the author.

Rideshare Drivers United, an organization of drivers, stands in solidarity at a Prop 22 protest attended by thousands in front of Uber headquarters in San Francisco. Photo by the author.

The sun drops down over the Monterey Bay. Photo by the author.

D. Thayer Russell

Educator and eternal student. Prefer paper pages and overt spines over webpages and covert designs. Avid reader and writer of creative and original content.

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